Explore product storage at Sawtooth Caverns.

Sawtooth’s underground salt cavern storage facility, located near Delta UT, is connected to key logistics infrastructure including the Union Pacific Railroad, and the interstate highway system. Additionally, we are near the UNEV Refined Products pipeline. 

See elements of the infrastructure using the map legend below.


Sawtooth’s facility is actively loading, off-loading, and storing NGL products.  We offer a range of pressurized NGL product storage such as Butanes and Propane. 

Our railcar storage capacity is 280 railcars, and we have 28 offload and loading spots.  We can efficiently load 100 railcars in under 24-hours. Sawtooth’s rail facilities were also designed to accommodate growth with room to expand thereby increasing our railcar capacity.

Our NGL products facilities receive trucks from the adjacent interstate highway system. We offer four (4)  truck loading lanes, and six (6) off-loading lanes.  Additionally, our in-line propane dehydration system insures all product loaded at our facility meets moisture specifications.

Sawtooth Caverns' facility in Delta, UT

Refined Products and Feedstocks 

In 2021, we completed the 1st phase expansion of our facility to enable our customers to address market volatility, seasonal demand variability, arbitrage opportunities, and turnaround challenges, by adding refined product and feedstock storage capability.   

Sawtooth’s new truck racks accommodate the off-loading and loading of trucks containing Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, and refinery feedstocks.   

Our Phase 2 expansion, in 2022, will provide Sawtooth with the capability to offer rail (UPRR) off-loading and loading for refined products, and feedstocks.  Plus, we are strategically located 3 miles from the UNEV pipeline, which provides our customers options to leverage pipeline access to regional markets.

Sawtooth Caverns loading racks at night